5 Reasons Why Exposition Park is a Uniquely Amazing Place!

5 Reasons Why Exposition Park is a Uniquely Amazing Place!

There are so many things that make Exposition Park a uniquely amazing place! So in no particular order, here are five of our reasons we thought should make the list!

Also, a first look at our Facility and Needs Assessment Findings!

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1984 Olympics (source: olympic.org)


1. Its history

108 years worth of memories have been made at Exposition Park. From its beginnings as an agricultural fairground to its current day position as a thriving cultural monument in the South Los Angeles community, Exposition Park has been the site of so many Angeleno's "firsts". For some, Exposition park may represent their first college football game or for others, their first time seeing the Olympic Games up close and personal. From its historic monuments, like the LA Memorial Coliseum, to the sprawling beauty of the Rose Garden, there is no doubt that Exposition Park is a long thread in the fabric of Los Angeles' history.  

2. Its Location

It's safe to say that there is nowhere quite like Exposition Park. Uniquely situated and centrally located, Exposition Park plays a very significant role in the story and future of Los Angeles. It's position in the middle of several transit corridors and proximity to public transportation lines makes it relatively accessible and connected to the broader Los Angeles community. It's location has also made it a prime area for new attractions such as the Banc of California Stadium and the Lucas Museum. With the growth of the communities that surround it and it's current socio-economic reality, Exposition Park proves to be a complex and constantly changing place that will serve as a case study in urban development for years to come. 

3. Its Diversity 

From its food to its people, to the diversity of programming put on by its park entities, Exposition Park is known for being a place where people from many walks of life convene for many different purposes. Where else can you catch a Los Angeles Football Club game, see the most talked about exhibit in Los Angeles and have a picnic surrounded by roses all in the same day? Nowhere. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Exposition Park is that there's something here for everyone, regardless of age, race, religion or class. 

4. Its Green Spaces

While there are always improvements to be made, one amazing feature of Exposition Park is its green spaces. While there are many park entities for people to visit, there are also a host of places in Exposition Park where Angelenos can come and enjoy the green, open space in their leisure time. It's no secret that Los Angeles is considered "park poor", and in communities like South Los Angeles, Exposition Park serves as a pocket of green in a predominantly grey landscape. With the opportunity for updates in the Master Plan, the current green spaces allow for the foundation of future green spaces to be built. 

5. Its Immense Potential!

And finally, #5, Exposition Park's immense potential. While it's easy to focus on the constraints of an area, there is power in thinking in terms of potential. Reimagining and envisioning a community's future is an exciting process. This is why we at the Exposition Park Together Team have spent time engaging the community in this process along with us. A plethora of opportunities have been identified in our plans and we wanted to share them with you! We invite you to take a look below at the Facility & Needs Assessment Findings our team has prepared to help us understand where Exposition Park is today and where the opportunities lie to improve accessibility, openness to the community, public green spaces and many more park elements. Find these documents helpful? Share them with a friend, or two, and be sure to tag us on social media!

Exposition Park Today (Existing Conditions)

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Opportunities for the Future (and Constraints)

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