Exposition Park: Past, Present and Future

Exposition Park: Past, Present and Future

Recognizing all current Exposition Park entities and looking towards the future



In anticipation of Exposition Park’s two newest tenants, the long-awaited Los Angeles Football Club Banc of California Stadium and the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, The Office of Exposition Park Management hosted the Expo Park: Past, Present, and Future media event on Friday, October 20th, to honor the park’s historical past, update the community regarding present park happenings, and get attendees excited for the park’s future.

The event was open to members of the Exposition Park community, including residents, elected officials, and members of the media. Several notable community leaders and members of the Exposition Park Master Plan team, including the Honorable Los Angeles City Councilmember Curren D. Price, who oversees the area in which the park is located, and Billie Greer, Chair of the Park Master Plan Committee, presented their ambitious plans to position Exposition Park as an urban park to rival the likes of Chicago’s Millennium Park and New York’s Central Park.

With the help of diverse voices from the community, this vision could very soon become a reality. Community members like Joanne Russell, who is a lifetime resident of the Exposition Park area and a member of Exposition Park’s Community Advisory Committee (CAC), attended the event to share their memories of the park and their hopes for its future.



“I have lots of memories of Exposition Park. Some of my favorite memories were relaxing in the park while I took art lessons and meeting up with friends to roller skate in the concrete parking lot of the Sports Arena.”

It’s memories like these that we want to preserve and make more of for the people who call Exposition Park home, like Joanne. “I hope Exposition Park remains a fun place for the common person to have an extraordinary experience”.  

This sentiment is something that the Master Plan team intimately understands. As the park expands and begins to attract people from all over the globe, it is important that we also remember its historical significance to Angelenos.

This event served as a beginning of the process to create a unified vision for the Park. In the coming months, the outreach team for the Master Plan will begin gathering diverse voices from the community and beyond to ensure the park remains a community asset for all Angelenos, as well as visitors.

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